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ACIVA members are nominated to attend meetings of government and other national organisations on behalf of all members. ACIVA representatives speak on behalf of all the Aged Care and Community Care Industry Vendors keeping the member companies up to date and at the forefront of national initiatives.

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The concept of the Aged Care IT Vendors Association (ACIVA) was born out of a belief that businesses that provide technological solutions to the Aged Care Industry of Australia needed a voice, separate from other health and IT organisations. Previously this voice had been provided by such organisations as Aged Care Association Australia and Aged & Community Services Australia.

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ITAC 2015 - 24-25 November 2015: Gold Coast

The ITAC 2015 conference will bring together local and international experts across the fields of community care, residential care services, retirement living, medication management, assistive technologies and offsite information systems delivery. These critical aged and community care service provider topics will be discussed from a practical perspective, highlighting the information we need to know now to better manage and design aged care service delivery.

ACIVA has formal professional association with the following organisations:


Aged & Community Services Association


Leading Age Services


Aged Care Industry IT Council